Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"PRO-LIFE" - What does that mean to you?

Heyyyy, Coffee Talkers!

I'm back! Whew, I had initially just taken a breather from the ol' Coffee Talk to collect my thoughts and such, but then sickness hit my household! For about 3 weeks (with little breaks in the midst of the variety of illnesses that have come upon us). And I really couldn't generally be up much past nine, and certainly not thinking or writing any sensible thoughts if I was. But I'm glad to see y'all again, and am always, am amazed that people still read this little blog even while I'm away. Today, friends from the US, Russia, UK, Canada, Italy, Poland, Japan, and Turkey tuned in to our little forum here via the blogosphere, so welcome!

Now, down to business. I need to start writing again. And guess what? Not only do I need to hop back on the writing wagon for Coffee Talk, but I've also been asked to write another article. For a magazine. A real one. And I'm gonna get paid again! But not if it sucks. So this is where you come in.

I need feedback. Candid, honest feedback in the comments section. Please feel free to comment anonymously, but I would ask two things: 1.) please do not comment on other comments, only on my questions, and 2.) while I welcome candor (and candy!), please do not write anything deliberately offensive. I think y'all know the general feeling and ground rules of Coffee Talk -- you can contribute anything, so long as other persons are respected.

Alright, here are my questions for you:

1.) What do you think of when you hear "pro-life movement"? What do you think the movement is, and what do you think it means? What signs, symbols, feelings, people, or ideologies do you associate with that term?

2.) Do you consider yourself "pro-life"? Why or why not?

3.) If you do consider yourself to be "pro-life", do you refer to yourself as "pro-life"?

4.) What do you think of t-shirts and bumper stickers that say "Pro-life"?

5.) Based on what you know or perceive of the "pro-life movement," what would you say are its strongest and weakest points?

Okay, it's your turn now. Please weigh in. Be honest, be kind, be respectful. And remember -- don't comment on other comments here, but only on my questions. Let this be a free and open forum of respect.

In advance, thanks for your help! And as always, thanks for stopping by and be assured of my prayers.

Peace and all good,