Monday, December 31, 2012

Writing in The New Year!

Hello, my long lost Coffee Talkers!

I'm back! To the people who asked when I was going to write again, thank you. To the few people who sent question but I have not yet answered, sorry for the delay. And to the 163 Russians who viewed Coffee Talk with Leslie during the month of December, despite the fact that I have not written anything on here since August... Why?!?

But all Russians aside, I'm so happy to be here Coffee Talking with you all once again, as the US West Coast New Year fast approaches!

Some (well, about 3) of you have asked why I stopped writing for a while, and ya know what? I have been blessedly busy with other non-Coffee Talk commitments, many of them involving PAID,
PUBLISHED writing! I don't really know how it all happened, friends, but to anyone who threw out a little prayer for me, thanks!

Could you keep praying? I'm hoping to wrap up a big writing project by the end of January in which I've been helping to turn a religion text book series into a parish series, and I'm responsible for the 1st - 8th grade   parish teacher manuals. It is taking me longer than anything I've ever done. I need focus and determination. I need caffeine. I need YOUR PRAYERS! In advance, accept my gratitude.

I got to do another feature article on some pro-life saints for a Catholic magazine -- that was fun! And then I got an offer to submit religion commentary pieces for publication in our local newspaper, The Daily Press. Neat-o mosquito!

Also, in the midst of all of that, and while  teaching for the Diocese and taking a college class for the first time in approximately 900 years, I got a new job. A full-time job. In the high desert. Using my degrees in music and Catholic theology! Who said that miracles do not occur these days?

Naturally, as I count the numerous blessings for me and my family this year, I also count the losses to so many and hold those people close in my heart.

I think of the moving words spoken by our beloved and Blessed John Paul II at World Youth Day in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2002. The words still ring true today:

A blessed and peaceful New Year to all!

As always, thanks for stopping by, and be assured of my prayers.

Peace and all good,