Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Where in the World is Coffee Talking Leslie?

Hello, again, my dear Coffee Talk friends!

On the small chance that any of you have been wondering if I've completely dropped off the face of the Coffee Talk earth, I just wanted to give a brief check-in and let you know that all is well, and that I'm hoping to return to regular blogging soon and very soon! I've not been writing much for a few reasons, the top among them being:
  1. I've been busy getting back into the swing of 'normal' life (whatever that means) since returning from World Youth Day;
  2. I'd gotten rather used to not having computer and internet access in Spain, and I must admit that I rather enjoyed the experience!
  3. Writing at night is not as ideal as it used to be, as my girls and I rise much earlier than we did in the pre-Spain days, as well, so I may need to find a better time of day to write; and
  4. I've realized that, while I'm never one to lack something to say (for better or worse), if I want to say something worthwhile or meaningful, I need some time to think, pray, and process before I can do that. 
And so much was packed into those couple weeks of World Youth Day that I'm still unpacking the experience, to be honest. I blogged on my first day's journal, but even typing in what I'd already written felt a bit empty, as I still needed more time to think about the significance of what I experienced. I mean, it's easy enough to say what I did at World Youth Day, but I think it's more important to reflect on who I was at World Youth Day, and who I'm called to become in light of that journey of faith. So if you're willing to hang on for a bit more, just know that, Lord willing, I'll be back soon and with something more important to tell you than the fact that there's a Burger King in Avila. (Do you think St. Teresa ever ate there?)

I'm really touched to see how many of you have been coming to Coffee Talk and reading my posts even while I've been away, and from all over the world, too! I don't know who you are, but I'm grateful for your stopping by, and for any of you who have kept me in thought and prayer. Be assured of my prayers for you, as well!

Peace and all good,

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  1. No worries, Leslie...I will wait for your next blog entries as long as I have to because they are totally worth the wait!! Btw...
    I'd heard St. Theresa worshipped the King but I wasn't picturing THAT one....ewwww :(