Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Vatican’s Gonna Make a Kickin’ New Website, Y’all!

Yesterday was the 45th World Day of Social Communications, and Pope Benedict XVI gave an excellent address on the need for a positive Christian presence on social networking sites. He suggested that as we live through this “period of vast cultural transformation,” we are to take up the “task of witnessing to the Gospel in the digital era [which] calls for everyone to be particularly attentive to the aspects of that message which can challenge some of the ways of thinking typical of the web.” Here’s what he goes on to say:

“First of all, we must be aware that the truth which we long to share does not derive its worth from its ‘popularity’ or from the amount of attention it receives. We must make it known in its integrity, instead of seeking to make it acceptable or diluting it. It must become daily nourishment and not a fleeting attraction. The truth of the Gospel is not something to be consumed or used superficially; rather it is a gift that calls for a free response. Even when it is proclaimed in the virtual space of the web, the Gospel demands to be incarnated in the real world and linked to the real faces of our brothers and sisters, those with whom we share our daily lives. Direct human relations always remain fundamental for the transmission of the faith!”

Right on, Papa! And he closes his address with a special appeal to the young people:

“I invite young people above all to make good use of their presence in the digital world. I repeat my invitation to them for the next World Youth Day in Madrid, where the new technologies are contributing greatly to the preparations. Through the intercession of their patron Saint Francis de Sales, I pray that God may grant communications workers the capacity always to carry out their work conscientiously and professionally. To all, I willingly impart my Apostolic Blessing.”

(Speaking of which, the Diocese of San Bernardino has a few more spots available for World Youth Day. Come with us! August 10 – 23, 2011; Toledo and Madrid, Spain; $2400. Let me know if you wanna come!)

If you want, check out the pope’s full address on the Vatican website:

Speaking of the Vatican website (which I personally love to frequent, even though it’s been described by some as clunky and outdated), guess what Archbishop Claudio Celli said? Well, first you could guess who Archbishop Celli is, and then you can guess what he said. 


Give up?

Well, he’s the president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, who announced that the Vatican hopes to have a new communications portal online by Easter. This is a dream come true for Catholic nerds like me! Apparently, the new multimedia site will provide easy access to the major media communications agencies of the Holy See including the press office, Vatican Radio, the Vatican Television Center, L’Osservatore Romano and Fides news. Shoot, it’s not even Lent yet and now I’m already excited for Easter!

Be assured that I’ll let y’all know when the site is up and running. I think it will be a great way for the Church to more fully interact with the modern world. 

Peace and all good,


  1. Woot!

    Now that you mention it, Vatican.va does seem a bit like those giant old dusty books on library shelves with tiny columns of print and zero graphics. Sure, everything is *there*, but it isn't exactly the site one surfs just for the attraction of it.

    Pretty exciting news!

  2. Well said, Marie! And good to 'see' you on here - hope all is well for you & your family. Peace!