Monday, July 2, 2012

Ten Days of Blogging for Blaise Part 2 -- The Pink Beaded Rosary

Even though they had never met her my girls prayed for Blaise daily, and when a traveling Catholic bookstore came to our parish a couple years ago they picked out a rosary with pretty pink beads to send as a little gift for Blaise to help her feel better. In January 2011 Blaise's mom Lisa sent me this note:

So, I think I told you how much I loved that little rosary and sort of 'stole' it for myself for a little bit. You may have seen that my grandfather died and how dearly I loved him. He was SO special and the cornerstone of my Catholic faith. Whenever we got the chance (which I now regret was not more often, in hindsight of course) we would go pray a rosary with my grandparents. Blaise was always near the top of their list of prayers along with a whole host of other intentions, as they were the parents of ten children and umpteen grandchildren! They were inseparable and one of the things they used to do together was make rosaries. They made me one for my birthday which I now cherish more than ever. It's been missing for a while. I had slipped that pretty pink one you sent Blaise into the case they gave me...always having the intention to pop into the chapel and pray when I had some nurse/free time, but never seeming to make it! When my grandfather died it was a very sad time for our large family who were all very close to him. It was a monumental effort to get help for Blaise on short notice and get to Ohio. I'm so glad I went and SO glad I slipped that rosary into my purse before I left. I held onto it for comfort at the wake. The next morning, before the funeral, they unexpectedly asked if anyone would like to leave a memento in the casket. I think, because no one knew about this, no one had anything with them. I was a little nervous about it, because of all the ten children, just my one aunt slipped up there and I was the only grandchild. I knew I had to leave Blaise's rosary with him! My Grandma was grieving and crying and not paying too much attention and then I saw her eyes move down to something foreign in the casket by my Grandpa's hand. I whispered that is was Blaise's rosary and asked her if it was okay. She started crying fresh tears and said, 'I think that's beautiful.'

You can't imagine how blessed I felt to be able to leave a little bit of Blaise with him. I hate the idea of his body in the ground--I know it's not 'him' and he's rejoicing--but I love the idea of those heavy, crackly beads of Blaise's staying in the ground there for centuries, or however long they will last, in Grandpa's 'spot'.
So, just a short time ago we pulled out our bed because we're getting ready to move. I found my rosary from Grandma and Grandpa! It had slipped from under my pillow and behind my headboard--probably from a night of me trying to pray it, when I only got halfway through the first decade and passed out again! I was so happy and imagined my Grandpa smiling from heaven.

PLEASE do not apologize for not sending Blaise anything else. I've never met you and you've been so kind to my daughter. I wanted to share this story with you because you are one of the pieces of the puzzle of this sad, but amazing story of Blaise. Your one little act of kindness had a huge ripple effect. So many go unnoticed, but I'm so glad to trace this back to you so you know what your little gesture of sending that pretty rosary to Blaise meant to someone like her struggling mother.
God bless you.

All of our small acts of kindness and love have a huge ripple effect. Thanks to Blaise and Lisa for helping us to remember.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and be assured of my prayers.

Peace and all good,

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