Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ten Days of Blogging for Blaise Part 4 -- True Freedom

Not too long after Blaise's funeral Mass, her mother Lisa said that it was helping her to sort through some of Blaise's things and give away some mementos. She was gracious and generous enough to send several beautiful things of Blaise's to my girls, who treasure those items very much. One night, my younger daughter decided to wear some of Blaise's beads to a dance recital, and something special happened:

Lisa, my girls and I went to my cousin's girls' dance recital tonight, and Faustina decided to wear the string of special Blaisey beads that you sent to us. I can't really describe the whole experience well in writing, but there was a point during the recital where I felt that your sweet Blaise was present with us in some way, enjoying the recital. As I had that feeling, I even noticed that my girls had moved around a bit to see (one moved over, one sitting on a lap) so that they had one open seat between them -- it struck me as being a seat for Blaise! I don't think I've ever had that kind of feeling before, and it was so moving, beautiful, sad, and uplifting all at once. I keep you in prayer so often, Lisa. Thinking of you as you grieve and heal, and thinking of your sweet girl.

Oh, that's so sweet. It's funny because my nieces--the ones you saw at the service--I can't even describe to you how good they were to Blaise and how much they loved her. They are both dancers and, while it was so painful for Pat and I to see all those healthy dancing girls up there, she loved it. I don't know what went through her mind...she was SO smart and intuitive, but she never talked about her differences. Oh, I miss her so much. Thank you for sharing.

It seems that sweet Blaise, in spite of all of her physical pain and differences (or perhaps because of them), had a special degree of interior peace, joy, and freedom that was not only unusual for a child her age, but even an example to adults.  And I pray now, as she experiences the full freedom of eternal life free from earthly sufferings and constraints, that she will help us all to receive the grace to find that same freedom that comes from a quiet spirit, a peaceful heart, and childlike faith.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and be assured of my prayers.

Peace and all good,

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