Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ten Days of Blogging for Blaise Part 3 -- Of Sleepovers, Wedding Dresses, and Easter Purses

As I mentioned before, my girls prayed every day for their little friend Blaise, and they had a wonderful sleepover party planned out for whenever Blaisey got better. When I told the girls of the sad news of Blaisey's death, they looked so sad and then said, "But what about the sleepover?" I explained that there was going to be a special Mass for Blaise so that her family and friends could say goodbye until they see her again in the next life, and they asked if we could go, which we did. They also decided that they could wait until they get to heaven for the sleepover, where they would have a really big party with Blaise, and they still pray from time to time that Blaisey is having a good time in heaven. What follows is a picture of my girls at the funeral Mass, and a note I sent to Blaise's mom, Lisa, after our return home.

When the girls and I were packing a few things to head out, both of my girls insisted on wearing their fancy white dresses, which they refer to as their wedding dresses. They are flower girl dresses, really, but they both insisted on wearing their 'wedding dresses.' Next, they insisted on bringing their 'Easter purses.' And then on the morning of Blaisey's service, they both insisted that I put their hair in 3 braids (this is not a common hairstyle for them -- haha!). Anyway, you can see all of this in the picture that your friend took of my girls, and it was all so very striking to me -- the wedding dresses, the Easter purses, the 3 braids that are within themselves each a little trinity. Because that Mass for Blaisey, was all of those things -- it was the liturgical moment of celebrating her wedding day, the start of her eternal Easter, her welcoming into the very heart of the Trinity. Oh gosh, I'm crying now even as I type it. The beauty and pain are almost too much to bear, and I can't even imagine how it is for you. I hold you up in prayer each day, and I thank you again for being so generous with your little saint, and with your own journey toward healing and wholeness. Peace be with you and your family during this Triduum and as you prepare to celebrate Easter, Lisa.
 As always, thanks for stopping by, and be assured of my prayers.

Peace and all good,

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