Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Answer to the Trivia That No One Cares About Anymore!

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

A few of you might actually remember the Ultimate Coffee Talk Trivia post from over a week ago. I actually forgot myself, which is why I'm finally giving the final answer tonight! My friend and Coffee Talk reader, AE, correctly translated "Steubenvincensis, Ave!" -- it does, in fact, mean "Hail, Steubenville." And she was correct to say that the English translation comes from the first two words of the Alma Mater of Franciscan University of Steubenville. For this amazing feat, she will get an amazing prize (which I still have not chosen, muchless sent, because I am busy and forgetful)!

But the Latin phrase itself represents the final words of the Alma Mater, which has a little known final verse IN LATIN! Seriously, what school has an alma mater that ends with a Latin verse? Franciscan University of Steubenville, that's who.

I only know this because one year, the Student Life Office decided they wanted to have a recording made of the Alma Mater with it's 4-part harmony. For some strange reason, I was asked to sing soprano (which stretched into the range of sound that only dogs can hear), and four of us were asked to go to a recording studio in downtown Steubenville to lay down the tracks for this amazing recording. It was then that I saw the final Latin verse, but I could not convince anyone else that it should be included in our rendition. The only part of this story that can be any stranger than my having sung soprano or my discovery of the long-lost Latin verse was the fact that the University (which is known for its Franciscan poverty!) actually paid us to sing and make the recording. Like, they paid us money, not free snacks or something. So I guess that means that I've been a professional vocal recording artist. Huh. I'll have to add that to the old resume sometime!

Here's a somewhat painful rendition of the two English verses, with a bunch of pictures of people I know! (Sadly, that Latin verse is still nowhere to be found.)

Steubenvincensis, Ave!

Peace and all good,

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