Monday, July 11, 2011

The Ultimate Coffee Talk TRIVIA!!!!

Alright, Coffee Talkers. One more night without time to post much. But here's some exciting trivia for y'all:

"Steubenvincensis, Ave!"

One point to those who can translate this.
One more point to those who can guess where I'm at while typing it.
Three million points to those who can tell me what this is from!!!

I'm not sure what the prize will be for the winner, but it'll be something amazing, you can bet on that, my friends!

Peace and all good,


  1. Hail Steubenville

    first two words of our school song...

    Hail Steubenville alma mater... let they glories here be told!

    I bet you're at FUS.

  2. how 'bout an awesome Franciscan U. T-shirt??

  3. I think it’s the name of the street of the private villa you’re staying in for your summer sabbatical. I also think your sitting in a big comfy reading chair waiting for your private chef to summons you for a delectable feast from the onsite herb and vegetable garden.... which is not far from the cabin where your girls are at vacation bible school-- not too far away, but being taking care of by dedicated summer counselors. You have not a care in the world except deciding if two short naps are better than one long one. Am I close? NO?!
    -marcia :-)

  4. Alright, this is getting exciting! Now, AE, I am quite impressed both by your knowledge and tha rate of spped with which you replied! You will be duly rewarded (although I was just in Steubie at the time of typing, not FUS specifically, so no t-shirt -- sorry!.

    HOWEVER, while your answer is praiseworthy, there's SOMETHING MORE I'm looking for! You got it right that the English translation, "Hail Steubenville," is the first 2 words of the Franciscan University alma mater. BUT -- does anyone out there know where the LATIN version can be found???

    Alright, contest back on. Talk amongst yourselves. ;)

  5. Oh, no -- 'tha rate of spped' should read as 'the rate of speed.' Clearly, my rate of speed is no match for my lack of sleep! :)

  6. And Marcia wins a prize for best idea. ;)

  7. Trying again: Hail conquering Steuben(ville) or something to that effect?