Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hello, Coffee Talkers!

Today, what had only previously been a myth became an incredible reality. That's right, friends. I had lunch at the Barstow Del Taco!

No, I didn't make a special trip to Barstow just to have lunch at a fast food Mexican restaurant (I was teaching a class there), but now that I have experienced the awesome-ness, I just might go out of my way to go there in the future!

In this past year, I've heard many a tale of the Barstow Del Taco: how it was the original one (well, almost -- I guess there was a 'Casa Del Taco' in Yermo before that, but whatever) and how the Barstow Del Taco surpasses every other Del Taco in America in every possible way.

And now that I've experienced it first hand, here's what I have to say -- it's all true! The restaurant was big and clean, the employees were all happy and helpful, and the food was bigger and better than the average Del Taco. How is this possible with a chain restaurant, you may be wondering? Well, I don't know, but you'll just have to experience it for yourself.

For any of our international readers (or sad residents of Del Taco-less states), here's the Del Taco wesbite:

And some Yelp reviews of the Barstow Del Taco -- man, people love that place. The reviews are super funny -- it's almost like the restaurant has a little cult following!

So if you're taking a jaunt from Southern California to Las Vegas, be sure to eat at the Barstow Del Taco and pass by the World's Largest Thermometer in Baker --  I think it will be a trip to remember (and a $10 mini-vacation)!

Peace and all good,

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