Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NET Ministries -- Do Something Amazing!

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

NET is here! The National Evangelization Teams travel across the nation putting on Catholic youth retreats, and Team 6 put on a  great confirmation retreat today at the parish where I work. A decade ago (yikes -- how did that much time already pass??) I spent a year traveling with NET Ministries myself, and loved it. Check it out, y'all!

Peace and all good,


  1. OMGoodness....this was I wish I was young again! God Bless these wonderful young spirits on their adventure of a lifetime :)

  2. Hey, Kevin McCaffrey is in this NET promo video ~~ is that why you said he is "famous", Leslie? lol!
    His handsome face was also on one of their NET promotional postcards a couple of years ago...

    I feel so blessed that both my older kids answered this call to serve God's people through NET Ministries, just as you also served, Leslie. There have been others, too, praise God!
    Our parish community in Apple Valley has been very generous in supporting the local young men & women who have answered this call. I'd like to acknowledge each of these young men & women who have served as missionaries with NET; if there are others I've failed to mention, please add their names. Also, if there are other blog followers who know NETters from other areas, please mention their names & parishes as well:

    Leslie Elliott
    Allison Janowicz
    Claudia Munoz
    Kevin McCaffrey
    Lauren McCaffrey
    Brandon Tait
    Brittany Duran

  3. Wow, were on NET a decade ago? Woah there, old-timer. Bet like only one person on your team had a personal cell phone and schedules were done on paper. I also bet there was a decaying cow head attached to the front of your van. I also think I was on your team. :), Jill

  4. Maureen, I'm glad you liked the video, and I hope Brenna enjoyed her retreat!

    Cathy, yes, it was because of the promo video that I spoke of your son's fame! :) And it's true that OLD has been certainly been blessed by NET and vice-versa!

    And JILL - hahahaha!!! The cow head came up on the team's first day here. Then today the one personal cell phone back in the day. Also, they knew you, so I told them of your kind gift to me of the clown pinata. And how I gave him back to you in your suitcase. And how you threw him back to me in the cabin. Aahhh, yes, the sweet, sweet memories, and the NET love! Miss you, old timer.