Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Good Morning, Jesus!

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

It seems that yesterday's post has caused quite a stir, so for now I shall wander into kinder, gentler pastures.

Let me tell you about a CD that my girls and I love!

It's called "Good Morning, Jesus!", and it is a beautiful collection of Catholic songs for children written and performed by Irish singer-songwriter Dana (pronounced 'Donna' for us uncouth Americans -- I only learned this after a man introduced her correctly at a live concert she gave in Steubenville a few years back, and I remember wondering why this guy didn't know how to pronounce her name).

Anyway, the songs are so much fun, and I find them to be both catechetically and musically excellent! There is also a DVD available, which basically consists of Dana wandering around and singing the songs with a bunch of children:

Rating for DVD: so-so (but great if your kids are already fans of the CD). Rating for CD: awesome!

The songs include many traditional Catholic prayers in a way that is musically interesting and accessible to children. The CD begins with a morning offering and ends with a night time prayer, and in between the songs cover the Our Father, the Angelus, The Guardian Angel Prayer, the Creed, and more -- even a special song for children about the Eucharist! Anyone who can work the full Creed and the Eucharist into catchy children's songs has earned my full respect.

So if you're looking for a wonderful gift for a Catholic child you know, I think this CD would be excellent for any occasion -- baptism, birthday, First Communion, or just for fun!

Peace and all good,

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