Thursday, April 28, 2011

Confirmation...and Pants for Dogs!

Howdy, Coffee Talkers!

Our youth confirmation Mass was celebrated tonight -- what an exciting time! I love being around people who've just received all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and who smell of chrism oil.

But to continue on with the theme of being too weary to get theological on ya and wanting to, instead, share very funny yet pointless websites I've come across, here you go!  
Maybe it's because I'm delirious, but I really can't stop laughing when I look at this picture. Man, this website is almost as good as yesterday's CAT PRIN.

Thanks for stopping by! We'll get back to more serious things at some point, I'm sure, but for now enjoy the cats and dogs in silly clothing.

Peace and all good,


  1. Oh my GOSH! The "CAT PRIN" website was a hot mess! What the heck??? LOL! And pants for dogs...who thinks of stuff like that?!

  2. I do not know who thought up these little gems, Maureen, but I am grateful for the extreme hilarity. Honestly, I cannot look at either website without laughing...and laughing...and laughing! :)