Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Tailor of a Cat -- CAT PRIN!

Hello, my dear Coffee Talkers!

I'm too tired for any theological or philosophical insights tonight, my friends, so please allow me to share with you perhaps the funniest website that I have come across in my entire life. Really. Introducing: CAT PRIN.

Now, it's really hard to decide what makes this website funnier -- is it the pictures of cats dressed in ridiculous costumes...

...or the descriptions translated from Japanese into very bad English? Seriously, the syntax could keep me in stitches for hours on end. Like this:
1. You need to dress a cat. And you will say to a cat together with a family. "It has changed just for a moment". [ "it being very dear" or ] You will pass pleasant one time. 2. If a family and a cat become fortunate, you will take a commemorative photo! Therefore, please photo your cat lovelily with much trouble.
3. If it finishes taking a photograph, you will make it remove clothes from a cat immediately. You will say then, without forgetting the language of gratitude to a cat. "-- be flooded -- a way -- good -- having done one's best -- ! -- "
Uh, WHAT?!?! But now that I really think about it, though, I think the best part is that people can (and apparently do!) purchase these costumes and make their cats wear them. Three words to describe my sentiments: I. love. it.

As always, thanks for stopping by! Be assured of my prayers. And please pray for the youth of my parish who are preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation tomorrow -- hooray!

Peace and all good,

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