Friday, June 24, 2011

Do Single Sex Dorms Constitute Gender Discrimination?

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

Some of you may have seen my recent post about the recent announcement from Catholic University of America that they plan to move to single-sex dorms. Now, it looks like a professor from a nearby law school (who apparently has a lot of free time on his hands) is trying to bring a lawsuit against CUA on the basis of gender discrimination. Read the article here, and tell me what you think. I'd especially like to hear the feedback of my friends with a background in law.

My initial response can be summed up in one word (but with an added syllable): puh-LEASE! It seems to me that Catholic University of America, being a, well, Catholic university in America, can do pretty much whatever they want. Am I wrong? I mean, they're a private university, not a provider of public or government housing. I don't have a deep knowledge of law, but to little old me, this seems absurd at best.

I welcome your thoughts and knowledge on this matter in the comment box!

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