Friday, June 10, 2011

Notre Dame Trustee Steps Down

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

Roxanne Martino has resigned from the Board of Trustees at Notre Dame University, and I found it interesting to compare two articles, first from the Notre Dame newswire, and then from commentator Fr. Robert Barron.

I'm not quite sure why the first article came through the so-called 'newswire' of Notre Dame, without much actual news. It seems a bit strange, to say the least, to include a quote from Martino herself stating her alleged commitment to all teachings of the Catholic Church, saying that she only feels that she cannot stay in light of the current controversy, and then FAILING TO MENTION anything about the controversy.

I think that Fr. Barron sheds considerably more light on the subject in his blogpost. I also think Fr. Barron rightly reorients people in a direction that moves this whole controversy away from an issue of partisan politics, which so many try to make it out to be in a gross oversimplification of matters. The teachings of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church must always transcend transitory matters of partisan politics, or they are not truly Catholic (or universal) at all. This is not to say that we are not to be actively engaged in the political environments in which we live (on the contrary, our faith requires it of us!), but it is to say that the faith, and moreover Christ Himself, plumb far deeper and reach far higher than any political ideology ever could.

Other thoughts? Comments? Grab your coffee, read the articles, and talk amongst yourselves!

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