Monday, June 13, 2011

The Pope, Gypsies, and Gypsy!

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

Pope Benedict XVI hosted a very interesting audience today in Vatican City -- 2,000 Gypsies came on a pilgrimage to Rome from various European countries, and the Pope warmly welcomed them. I found his message to the Gypsies to be full of hope and inspiration. Read more about the meeting and see a little bit of what the Holy Father had to say here!

Now, on a note completely unrelated to the Pope's meeting in everything but name, the musical Gypsy is one of my favorites! So I was going to share Rosalind Russell's performance of "Rose's Turn" here. That was, until I learned that YouTube will not allow it, and so the only other options were Rosalind Russell's stage performance with dubbed vocals from Ethel Merman (I will spare you!), or the Bette Midler movie performance. Not quite what I had in mind! So I'll leave you with the the final scene from Gypsy instead, with Natalie Wood and Rosalind Rusell. Enjoy!

Peace and all good,

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