Thursday, June 9, 2011

Evangelizing The Digital Continent: Archbishop Gomez, Me, and Twitter!

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

There have been people reading Coffee Talk today in the USA, Philippines, United Kingdom, Japan, Kuwait, South Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Austria (welcome, everybody!), and STILL, I haven't a clue about jury duty in other countries! But it's not too late to read last night's post and weigh in on the jury duty discussion, my friends.

In other news, Archbishop Jose Gomez has recently joined Facebook and Twitter!

And after reading his compelling article titled 'Evangelizing the Digital Continent,' I've finally done it. I joined Twitter, too!

I really thought I'd never do it. To be honest, I just don't get the point of Twitter. Friends have assured me that it is wonderful, but at this point it seems like just a bunch of status updates, links, and hash marks. (Now, if there were hashbrowns involved, I'd be a little more excited!) But if Archbishop Gomez joined up for such noble reasons, I considered, then bygolly, so can I! Hashbrowns or no, I too, shall enter into evangelizing the digital continent in the world of Twitter!

So all you tweeting people, find me at @CoffeeTalkLDawg. So far, I'm only following Archbishop Gomez. And I've yet to do my first Tweet. Maybe I'll do one that includes a hash mark AND hashbrowns! We'll see how this all plays out.

Peace and all good,


  1. Mmmm... hashbrowns.

    To say you miss something in Japanese, it's "Natsukashii".

    Hashbrowns. Natsukashii.

  2. Bryan. Natsukashii!

    Come back and eat some hashbrowns with us, and soon! :)