Friday, May 27, 2011

Let's Get Pontifical!

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

I follow the blog of the Holy See Press Office - Vatican Information Service, and I'll be honest. It's generally somewhat boring, unless you are an extreme Catholic nerd like myself. Even then, it's not exactly where you'd go for entertainment purposes. I mean, here's a description of VIS News:
The Vatican Information Service is a news service, founded in the Holy See Press Office, that provides information about the Magisterium and the pastoral activities of the Holy Father and the Roman Curia.
Uh, what? But I still dig it. And the part of VIS News that I find the most interesting are the Pontifical Acts and Audiences!  This is how y'all can find out the skinny on what the Pope did today (Pontifical Acts) -- like who he appointed to what position -- and who the Pope met with (Pontifical Audiences).

Check out who the Pope was hanging out with today!

VATICAN CITY, 27 MAY 2011 (VIS) - Today the Holy Father received in separate audiences:

-Seven prelates from the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India on their ad limina visit:

  - Archbishop Maria Callist Soosa Pakiam of Trivandrum of the Latins,

  - Bishop Innayya Chinna Addagatla of Srikakulam,

  - Bishop Prakash Mallavarapu of Vijayawada,

  - Bishop Joseph Kariyil of Cochin,

  - Bishop Varghese Chakkalakal of Kannur,

  - Bishop Joseph Karikkassery of Kottapuram, and

  - Fr. Vincent Arackal, apostolic administrator of Calicut. 
This afternoon, the Pope is going to receive the President of the Republic of Hungary, Pal Schmitt, who offers a concert to the Pontiff in the Paul VI Hall.
The three realizations I had after reading about today's  Pontifical Audiences:
1. I can't even pronounce half of those names or places.
2. Pope Benedict XVI is pretty fly and active, especially for an 84-year-old!
3. I am pretty much a lazy bum compared to the Pope.

Well, that's all for tonight, my friends! Enjoy the start of this long weekend, Americans!

Peace and all good,

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