Monday, May 30, 2011

Nietzsche and the Family Circus - A Dynamic Duo?

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

There are too many interesting Catholic blog-worthy topics to post on tonight, and as it's late already and I'm indecisive, I'll save them all for later in the week. For now, let me share with you my weird internet find for the day -- The Nietzsche Family Circus.

As the name implies, this site pairs a Nietzsche quote with a Family Circus cartoon. Both the quote and the picture are randomly generated and paired, and each time you refresh the page, a new Nietzsche-Family Circus combo appears. At first, I felt a bit intellectually offended by the stupidity and pointlessness of the whole thing -- until I tried it. And found out that, for reasons unknown to even myself, it is really funny.

So try it out!

Peace and all good,

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