Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Living on Love

 Living on Love is giving without limit
Without claiming any wages here below.
Ah! I give without counting, truly sure
That when one loves, one does not keep count ! . . .
Overflowing with tenderness, I have given everything,
To his Divine Heart . . . lightly I run.
I have nothing left but my only wealth:
        Living on Love.

Living on Love is banishing every fear,
Every memory of past faults.
I see no imprint of my sins.
In a moment love has burned everything . . .
Divine Flame, O very sweet Blaze!
I make my home in your hearth.
In your fire I gladly sing:
        “I live on Love ! . . .”

Living on Love is keeping within oneself
A great treasure in an earthen vase.
My Beloved, my weakness is extreme.
Ah, I’m far from being an angel from heaven ! . . .
But if I fall with each passing hour,
You come to my aid, lifting me up.
At each moment you give me your grace:
        I live on Love.

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