Monday, March 28, 2011

Keep Your Bumpersticker Out of My Eyeview!

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

The weather here today was beautiful, and it coincided with a day off -- bonus! So my girls and I enjoyed the day at home, playing outside, and taking a long walk through our community -- not a moment spent in the car. Delightful.

I wanted to check the mail and needed some milk, but since I had already told the girls we didn't have to go anywhere in the car (and they were very excited about it!), I decided that we could make our way to the post office and the little market with me pushing them in their swanky double stroller. Really, this thing is like the Cadillac of jogging strollers:
Anyway, the walk there was quite pleasant, and I did even jog for a bit since much of that route was downhill. The way back, well, I only had to stop to catch my breath because I thought I was dying once, so not too bad. (I need to get back in shape!) But despite the realization that I am going to keel over during the countless miles of walking at World Youth Day if I don't get my rear in gear in these next few months, we had a lovely walk and saw many interesting sights.

While my girls were more focused on the birds, pine cones, and sticks that we passed, my eye was caught by the bumper stickers. The noteworthy one I saw today reminded me of a different one I saw last week. First, today's:
And then last week's:

You know, I was just walking along, coexisting with the world and minding my own Catholic business, when out of that orange colored sky came these bumper stickers. Maybe it's like the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden, but I can honestly say that few things make me want to go up and talk theology with a person than a bumper sticker that says, "Keep your theology off my biology!" There was a guy standing next to the car when I saw that one, and it really took all of my self restraint to not stop and say with a smile, "Oh, how wonderful to see that you have an interest in theology, too!" Or to recommend that he read Fides et Ratio. But I didn't. I coexisted. I kept my theology off his biology.

Really, if you don't want people to bother you with their religion or theology or philosophy of life, don't put that bumper sticker on your car. Especially with me walking around your neighborhood. I can coexist and keep my theology to myself until you issue a throw down like that. At that point, you're just asking me to get all Coffee Talk on you!

Peace and all good,

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