Saturday, March 5, 2011

MOVIE NIGHT! Genesis and the Four Senses of Scripture

Hello, Coffee Talkers!

It's been a busy week, both in regular life and in the world of blogging -- many of you have sent in excellent questions and discussion topics, and lots of new readers have joined us, as well. This week's Coffee Talkers are reading from the US, South Korea, Denmark, New Zealand, Malaysia, Australia, Israel, Canada, China, and Vietnam -- welcome! How y'all found my little ol' blog, I will never know, but I am sincerely happy to have you joining me here in the blogosphere.

After teaching a class today, I got to thinking about Biblical interpretation and the four senses of Scripture. But then, shortly after that, I got to thinking about how tired I am. So today, I'm going to let Fr. Robert Barron do the work for me. Enjoy this video -- I found it to be quite informative and understandable!

Peace and all good,

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