Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Was Jesus a Funny Baby?

Hi, there, Coffee Talkers!

I don't know about you, but I love babies. Sure, they spit up and poop a lot, but they are so cute and funny that they can get away with it. And it's also wonderful to watch them learn and grow.

I think that it is fascinating that God became man in the form of an infant, the baby Jesus. Isn't that amazing to consider? I mean, really, God could have come to earth however he wanted, but he chose to come to earth by becoming one of us, and in the form of a baby who presumably went through all of the normal phases of human development.

[Two brief asides: 1. Do any of you remember that Joan Osborne song, "One of Us" where she sings questions about what it would be like if God was one of us? 2. Have any of you ever had a baby with you in church, and been on the receiving end of nasty glares from nearby church-goers? To both of these situations, I want to say, "Hey, people! Have you ever heard of Jesus and this little thing called the INCARNATION? When GOD became MAN in the form of a BABY?!?"]

Anyway, I really do like to think about Jesus as a baby sometimes. And I wonder specifically if Jesus was a funny baby. I hope he was. Funny babies are great.

Peace and all good,

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  1. To me, babies are the greatest evidence of God's presence. Love the video, thanks for posting!